My 100th Post: Let’s Party!!!!

Throw the confetti!  Release the balloons!  It’s my 100th post guys, so let’s PARTYYYY!  I’ve got the wine, who’s got the food?! I relaunched this blog onto WordPress in January of this year and can’t believe I hit post # 100 here on WordPress! Thank you to all that have read, commented, or liked any… Continue reading My 100th Post: Let’s Party!!!!

Reflection · Wisdom

Mistake After Mistake After Mistake

Mistakes are made to happen. We are imperfect beings. However, if you continue to make the same mistake over and over again fully knowing the consequence, then it is time to truly reevaluate your life and decisions. Do you want to stop making the mistake?  If not, why? Why do you continue to go down… Continue reading Mistake After Mistake After Mistake