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“Ohhh Girl, You Got Good Hair!”

The other day I was reading the comments under a natural hair Facebook page post.  The post was about wash and go’s and the woman featured had loose curly hair (maybe type 2 or 3 hair).  One woman said “well she has good hair, but don’t expect everyone’s hair to look like this.  What about us type 4 hair types?”

I nearly fell to the ground cringing in “agony”.

Can I be honest?  I cannot stand the phrase “good hair”.  It’s like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.

Do people really still say “good hair” in reference to certain hair types?   Eeeeek!

“Good hair” should not be limited to a certain “grade” of hair or hair type.  You can have loose curly or the tightest of coils and your hair can still be considered equally “good”.

What do I mean by “good”?  I mean you take care of it and keep it healthy.  All hair types are beautiful in their healthy, well-maintained state!

Before I began transitioning to natural, someone said to me “oh I bet you’ll have good hair if you went natural” and I was like “Yes, good hair as in it will be healthy.  🙂 ”

Hair typing should not be a hierarchy of “good” versus “bad” hair in the Black Community because some may have looser curls and some have tight coils.

As a person transitioning to my natural state, yes, I have tried to figure out my hair type because I think it is good to have some idea to determine what products work for your hair.  (By the way, shout out to the folks that have four hair types: 3C/4A/4B/4C like I think I have! 🙂 )

Don’t use your hair type for self-degradation or self-validation.

Remember:  good = healthy.

You do not have “bad hair” just because it falls into the kinkier side.

It’s beautiful no matter how it curls, coils, or kinks.

6 thoughts on ““Ohhh Girl, You Got Good Hair!”

  1. to think that people still refer to certain hair types as “good hair” in 2015 is ridiculous. I hear it all the time with no shame or nothing. ITs juts a natural phrase that people just throw out there. To me it just screams ignorance

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    1. So true. I’m seeing now that it is going to take a lot for that phrase to stop being used unfortunately. The love and acceptance we seek has to start within and here we are basically making it seem as if some of our hair types are not worthy. Definitely ignorant.

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  2. I think it’s a form of self-hate. “You got good hair” implies that you feel you’re hair isn’t as good as theirs. All healthy hair is good hair!!!

    It’s sad.

    Great post!


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