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Transitioning to Natural Hair: To Straighten or Not Straighten?


So, I’m about 18 months post relaxer and I believe I am finally at that point where I am over dealing with two textures.   They say you know when you’re ready and I think I’m ready.   In fact, I only have about 2-3 inches of relaxed hair left and actually have set an appointment to get them clipped.

Every time  I talk about cutting  my hair, there a couple of loved ones that tell me to straighten to see how long it’s gotten before I cut it.   I keep telling them that I don’t want to put heat on my hair and what’s the point of seeing how long it is if I’m cutting these scraggly, relaxed ends anyway?  Also, I fear the idea of my curl pattern being ruined before I can even fully enjoy it!

Did anyone straighten their hair in the transitioning phase of relaxed to natural?  How did it affect your hair?   Is it worth it to do so?   



6 thoughts on “Transitioning to Natural Hair: To Straighten or Not Straighten?

  1. Hi! It sounds like you already know what feels right to you (cutting the relaxed ends off soon) and I completely agree with you. Straightening it while transitioning probably won’t damage it if it’s done properly but there’s no real purpose like you say unless you want to wear it straight as a style. I transitioned twice (been natural for almost 7 years now after my last big chop) but not nearly for as long as you have-maybe 6 months or so each time, definitely less than a year. I straightened it during the transition but my hair length wasn’t a factor for doing the big chop. You will have shrinkage regardless of the length so you’ll just have to learn to stretch your hair out if you want a longer look. Good luck to you on your journey!

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  2. The key to straightening it is using a heat protectant! Tresseme has a good one…

    It’s your hair, so do what feels right for you. But go with your gut and not anyone elses. Do you research and just do it!! Cut it. Straighten it, then cut it. Whatever.

    You can do it!!!

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    1. Writing that down for future reference. The ones I used when I was still getting relaxers was probably not that great. Definitely not trying to kill my hair again lol! I’m leaning towards cutting it. I’m over the two textures! The relaxer is killing my natural hair’s vibe. 😛

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