Natural Hair Journey

Hello…it’s me. The relaxer is gone!

So almost 2 weeks ago, I finally decided to chop off the rest of the relaxed hair off of my head and it was amazing.   There was only about 2 inches worth left, but I was OVER it.  The tangling was something out of this world.

Yes, I’d considered straightening it first to see the length, but honestly, I realized that it made no sense.  So, after nearly 18 months without a relaxer, I went to my old beautician and readied myself for the chop!

I was excited…petrified.  Thought I might cry…possibly have a breakdown.  But guess what?  I did neither one of those things.    I was just ready to have the junk off of my head lol!    My natural hair was screaming “Set me free!  Set me free!”

It was interesting being in the shop that day because the majority of the customers were getting relaxed and I received some comments like “oh girl, I couldn’t do the natural thing”.   I thought to myself how far I’d come because I once thought that myself!

As my beautician chopped away, I was so relieved!

Here a couple of pics of my first official afro puff.  Woop woop!   Since my ultimate goal is to have “big hair, don’t care”, I decided to name my hair Diana.  🙂


I can’t believe I allowed myself to chemically damage my hair for so many years in order to have it straight.   It’s so COILY and I LOVE it.  Like coils on coils on coils and it’s very thick.

Realizing that I needed to step up my hair care regimen now, I examined by hair for the 100th time to determine the hair type so that I could make sure I was using products that would be helpful.

I thought once I chopped I’d have a better idea of my hair type and guess what?

I still don’t.

Looks like I’m mostly 4A/4B and maybe some 4c.  I also  have 3C at the top and the back (don’t know why).

But you want to know how I honestly feel about the hair typing thing now seeing that I really do have a million textures in my head?   I don’t care that much about it!  Everyone’s idea of  what certain hair types are seems so different.    Soooo, whatever the heck the texture is, I like it.

So….I’m just going to continue using what has been working for me so far (Hello Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Moisture products, and Creme of Nature Sulfate Free Shampoo lol!) and enjoy seeing the real me!

I am looking forward to the rest of the journey no matter how tough the journey may be!



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