The Death of Compassion

Is it just me or are there a lot of bitter, angry, hateful people in the world?

Somewhere down the line, society lost it’s compassion and it’s decency.

If you have seen internet article comments, then you know what I am referring to.  Read an article about a death whether the person is famous or not and you will almost always see a sarcastic joke about the death.  Actually, not just one joke but multiple.  Of course, the comments when it is involving a public figure get even more nasty.

As we all know by now, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown, passed away on 07/26/15. Very sad situation.  May she rest in peace and God give this family strength.

However, the comments regarding the situation have been disgusting.

Many people say that the hateful comments  are the “price of fame.”  So then, just because you are commenting on a famous person means that you are allowed to excuse yourself from being a decent human being?   How can you forget or not care that this was a living and breathing person even if you didn’t know this person personally?  What if this was your family member or loved one?  You never know where life will take you and the road you will go down.  Would you want someone posting snide, ugly comments under an article about your death?

I get that some people are simply just trolling and trying to rile up everyone, but there are so many comments that we all know that it is not just someone being a troll.  People truly have lost the ability to care and show compassion, empathy, or sympathy.

Let’s discuss another example.  Have you noticed how there are videos posted online of any and everything?   There are videos posted online of people being beaten, raped, killed, disrespected, and degraded.  You name it, it’s there.  Meanwhile, people are just standing in the background oohing and awwing and being spectators.  People are more worried about getting a video of the situation and posting it to their social media accounts so that they can be the one with the viral video, that they have forgotten about stepping in to save the victims.

Then, there are the people that hear a rumor about a person and suddenly the rumor is spread across the creation.  This goes for public figures as well.   People will formulate full on opinions and long think pieces about someone’s life without even knowing if they know the full truth.   Just earlier today, I literally saw a full messageboard thread about a YouTube vlogger.  A VLOGGER.  An everyday person.  They completely tore the girl down and went from insulting the actions that were being gossiped about to completely insulting her body.  It got nasty and ugly.

It’s all sick and disgusting and a sign of a very jaded society.

What you put out there, you will get back.  Don’t think that you can be hateful or demented and it not come back on you in some form or fashion.

Sad, sad, sad.


2 thoughts on “The Death of Compassion

  1. I found you by doing a search about losing body fat. It came up with one of your ‘Focus on the Positive’ posts. I have no idea who you are, but you seem like a good person, very down to earth ,and you kind of remind me of my mum (no offense or anything). She has the philosophy that God just wants us to be good to each other and to the other, and that if we stick to those things, life will be good and you can go to bed every night knowing you’re a good person. You seem kind of laid back, like you’re just doing your own thing and taking care of yourself and your family, but you want other people to be good to themselves and others too. It’s a nice change from the type of people you mentioned in this post. I wish you all the best.


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