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“We Don’t See Things As They Are, We See Them As We Are”


Your perception is your reality, but may not always be fact. Two can see the same thing and perceive it completely different. Don’t be so quick to point fingers, rebuke, or defame someone’s character without taking time to see the other side.

Anger often clouds comprehension.

Take careful consideration before opening your lips to call someone evil or a terrible person because there is someone out there that may feel the same way about you.  It doesn’t feel good when someone calls you something you are not, now does it?

Think before you speak or act.   Think before you ruin a friendship.   Once you have placed those words out there, you cannot take them back.  Publicly speaking ill of someone makes you no better than that person.  You are essentially participating in the same sinful behavior you accuse them of exhibiting.




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