I Know You Heard Me



When I was younger, I often sat in the background.  If I spoke up and someone didn’t hear me, I’d just let myself be unheard.  I was meek and mild.   A bit timid.

As I got older, I became more assertive, more vocal, and became pretty much over people not hearing me.  I realized that my words were just as important as anyone else’s.  It was time for me to morph into an assertive, grown woman type of way.

When you don’t speak up, you leave room for others to speak for you and sometimes they may do so inaccurately.  When you are the quieter one in the room, people will often do that. 

Don’t let people put words in your mouth.  Don’t let people ignore what you said.  Don’t let people overlook you.  Make yourself known.  Make yourself heard.

Nowadays, if you don’t hear me, then I’m going to repeat myself until you do.   I don’t have time for misinterpretations or for people to say that they didn’t hear me or remember saying something.  No more allowing people to talk over me (if I do allow it, it’s probably because it wasn’t important enough for me to care lol).

Never be afraid to let your voice be heard.






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