I Don’t Want To Be Another Health Statistic, Part 2 : How To Stay Motivated and Excited about Working Out!


This is not a New Year’s Resolution post…I promise.  This is a “I need to get my life together” post lol.

The relationship between the gym and I has always been a little bit rocky. One day, we’re on the same page and the next, it’s as if we are on two different planets.

Back in college, I used to go workout at the campus rec center and then when I entered the grown people world, decided to get a membership with 24 Hour Fitness and it’s been an interesting partnership ever since.

There are times where I’m going a few times a week and then times where I don’t go at all for a month or two because of a list of excuses that I conjure up in my head.  The struggle is definitely REAL sometimes.

However, there are some things that I do and have been trying to do to keep myself excited and motivated!    Here’s some tips that have helped me:

1.  Set a goal.   A long term goal and a short term goal.   It can be overwhelming to say that you want to lose 40 lbs overall as opposed to you “want to lose 8 lbs this month”.   Set a short-term monthly goal or even weekly.   Something that will help you get to where you want to go little by little.  That way you can celebrate the small victories and eventually the huge victory.

2.  Always have a pair of gym clothes in your car if you’re planning to do after work workouts.  I’ve found that I’m more likely to workout if I go directly from work as opposed to coming home and then working out, so I am keeping gym clothes in my car to reduce the chance of any excuses as to why I can’t workout after work.

3.  OR workout in the morning.   Have a hard time getting motivated to workout after work?!  Well, there is nothing like working out in the morning and getting it over with.   You get up, get that fitness in, take a shower, and go on about your day.  That way you go straight home after work and do the things you need to do at home.

4.  Download some good TV shows/movies on your phone.   If you’re like me and sometimes frequent the elliptical and treadmill, there is nothing like watching a good movie or tv show while you’re on a machine.   I find that I stay on longer when I have something holding my attention.   Sometimes I’ll even extend my time on the machine to finish a show/movie!

5.  Download some good music.   I find that something fast-paced like Beyonce, some hip-hop music, maybe some upbeat pop-music helps keeps me pumped up.

6.  Remember to don’t think of yourself as working out to lose weight.   Put yourself in the “I’m working out to be healthy.” mode.  In that sense,  it will become a lifestyle and not just a temporary thing you’re doing.

So, what do you do to stay motivated and excited about the gym?!


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