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RHOA: Is Kim Fields On the Wrong Show?

**** Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Bravo TV or The Real Housewives of Atlanta ****

I admit it.  Real Housewives of Atlanta is a guilty pleasure of mine.  *Ducks*  I know.  I’m sorry!   I often cringe while watching it and, at times, find myself rolling my eyes at the behavior of the women on the show.  And yet, I just can’t stop myself from watching it.  I, like many, am intrigued about how far the behavior on the show will go.

On the current season, they added Kim Fields also known as Tootie from “Facts of Life” (I LOVED that show) and Regine from “Living Single”.

On the most recent episode when they all traveled to Miami, she was given a hard time by many for being “too boring” and crying because she missed her husband and kids.  She is very different from the wild and crazy women on the show.  She’s more conservative and reserved.

And I ask: is this a bad thing?

Apparently so. People on Twitter were in an uproar and demanding that she be ousted from the show for being “too boring”.

I did think it was a bit much for her to cry, but I am not her and not in her shoes.  My personal belief is that girls’ trips and girls’ nights out are a necessity to your psyche.  For me, I think it is okay to get away sometimes even if it means leaving your significant other behind.  It doesn’t mean I’m about to go wild out.  It means sometimes you just need a break and want to be around the girls.   Ya can’t have much girl talk with your husband.

But, Kim is different and I think that’s okay to show different types of women in different types of situations.   What may work for one may not work for another.

Have we now come to a point where all we want to see are people wildin’ out on reality shows?   Does everyone have to have the same thoughts and behavior?   What’s wrong with showing something different?  A different dynamic?   We’re not all the same.

By people saying that she needed to be off of the show, I took it as them basically saying,”We don’t want normal  people”, “We want to see women that like to let loose” “We don’t want to see different types of women.  We want to see wild and crazy”.

So, what do you think?   Should she be fired from the show?   Maybe be on a different show?   Should there not be a different perspective on the show?


3 thoughts on “RHOA: Is Kim Fields On the Wrong Show?

  1. I’m guilty of watching this show too…. I have mixed feelings about their trip overall. I think she was looking for reasons to leave and go back home… I also think that taking a girls trip to Miami wasn’t the best idea for her and she should try outings that don’t require her to leave town for days, yet! She’s not ready for that. And that’s OK!

    RE: the show and people’s reactions to the non-dramatic……. it’s sad but we just have to stop watching the crazy and starting watching the sane. It’s all about ratings with these networks, not quality of content unfortunately and it’s because we watch.

    Boycott bad reality TV in 2016???!!! Lol

    Good article!

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    1. Kim definitely should’ve taken baby steps. She jumped all the way in and clearly wasn’t ready. I agree that she was looking for an excuse to go home. She’s better than me because I wouldn’t have left a trip I’d paid for lol (eh unless it was sponsored by the show).

      Ugh, I’ve been saying forever that I was going to stop watching this show. I thought that this would be the season I wouldn’t watch, but here I am! I did give up Love and Hip Hop Hollywood lol and Bad Girls’ Club. 🙂 That was a start. Okay let’s try this boycott thing! lol.

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      1. LOL!!! At least you thought about giving this show up. This show is not on my get-rid of list, but it has changed over the years for sure!


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