DIY for Stress Relief: DIY Gem Candle Holder

For the longest,  I’ve wanted to embark on the world of DIY home decor for what I have called my “DIY for stress relief” personal  initiative lol.  I’ve been very much in need of a therapeutic hobby and even more so these days!

I got to admit, my Pinterest “to-do” list of DIY items is extensive and I have stared at it many times thinking that I should start on a project only to end up on the couch eating popcorn.   But, I’ve finally taken the plunge!

I decided to start with something easy this past Saturday night to begin checking things off my list.   I chose a DIY gem candle holder.  So, I originally wanted to use crystal-like gems because there have been several crystal candle holders that I’ve wanted to purchase for the house.  However, being that it’s the holidays and I’m trying to keep my spending down (the ones I saw were $15 at Hobby Lobby…not bad, but I can wait. 🙂 ), I opted for another option that caught my eye as well.

So, this was pretty simple.


Square Candle Holder from Dollar Tree, $1

Accent gems from Dollar Tree, $1

E6000 Glue from Hobby Lobby, $2.99 (can find this most places with a craft sections)


How I Did It

  1. I started off by turning the candle holder towards the side I was decorating first.
  2. The gems were about the size of a quarter, so I decided on 3 rows of 3 gems.
  3. I put a small dab of glue on the back of the first gem, positioned it to my liking onto the glass, and followed this process for the rest of the gems pressing firmly onto the glass (by the way, the smell of this glue is STRONG, so be mindful of where you’re working on this project).
  4.  One gem at a time, one side at a time, I glued the gems on to the candle holder.  They began sliding down the glass due to the wet glue, so the easiest way to handle this for me was to let two sides dry at a time to keep myself from constantly trying to keep ALL of the gems in place.
  5. I was sleepy while doing this, so I ended up allowing to two sides to dry overnight.  It doesn’t take that long to dry, but when you’re sleepy, you don’t want to wait.  The next morning and placed the rest of the gems on the candle holder.  It took about 20 minutes to dry.

This was the end result.  Very simple, easy and pretty.




I’m thinking of adding a pillar candle holder as a base or making this into a full-fledged candle.  We’ll see.  First project down and many, many more to go!   Ya gotta start easy so that you can ease your way into it.   I have more complicated ones on  the lists, so stay tuned.

What are your favorite DIY projects?   What DIY projects are you thinking of trying?

My original inspiration:


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