Bargain Shopping

Holiday Decorating on a Budget

The holidays are here and a whole lot of cheer!   You see decor galore and you want to spread the cheer throughout your home.

The only thing is…

You’re on a budget and some of these decorations can be on the pricier side.  Well, have no fear because you can do your holiday decorating for a reasonable prices!

These are just a few places that I, myself, have frequented:

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is one of the perfect places for decorating on a budget.  You would be surprised the gems you can find there and they are only a dollar!

I got candy canes for the front yard and yard signs at Dollar Tree for just a $1 each .  You can find a lot of great things there including garland, ornaments, candles, door signs, holiday table runners and charger plates.    Did I mention that they even have WRAPPING paper and gift bags for $1??  Check them out!

I found this video of a Dollar Tree Holiday haul and if you have not been to Dollar Tree or paid attention to the Holiday section you definitely need to!


Hobby Lobby!  

So, no they are not the cheapest place, BUT the wonderful thing about Hobby Lobby is during the Christmas season, the Christmas decor is 50% off every other week….no really it is.  There are Christmas tree that are regular $50 – $150 or more that are half off this week and other Christmas decor items!   Michaels’ usually alternates their sales weeks as well.

Check out these Angel tree toppers I saw for 50% off yesterday at Hobby Lobby.  They are regular $29-$39 and they were probably about 16 inches tall if I had to take a guess.  Great deal!  I bought a similar Angel at Michael’s for about $14 at 50% last year.



So, of course Walmart usually has a lot of lesser prices on many items and Christmas decor is not an exception.  There was a lit up Snowman I was eyeing at Walmart for $39 and a 7 ft Inflatable Santa Clause for the same price.

There are also inflatable characters for $14 there as well that are about 4 Feet tall, collections of ornaments ranging from $8-$25, reasonably priced Christmas trees and wide-array of indoor/outdoor decor.  Target is ranging the same price or a few dollars more in their decor.


So, probably not the first place you would think to go to for Christmas decor, but they have it!  I saw a pretty tall (maybe about 3 feet) Nutcracker there for about $19-$29 which I thought was a really good price.  They also have lights and other little decor.  Not as big of a section as the other, bigger stores, but definitely worth checking out!

So, of course I can’t finish this post out without showing you the budget friendly decor on our Christmas tree as well:


As you can see, I love colors lol.   This was a combination of decor from Walmart (ornaments, garland, tree) and Michaels’ ($14 angel on sale)!   I believe one of the garlands was actually from Dollar Tree.  I have way more garlands that I’ll place on the trees outside.

And of COURSE, if you really want to see some cheap decor, go shopping the day after Christmas!   You will get the really GOOD sales!

So, of course there are a million other places out there!   Where do you buy your Christmas decor?  


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