Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself!

Welcome to my blog! I am just an every day woman going through every day life. About 7 years ago, I realized that while I stayed in my comfort zone, going through the same routines, and living with a closed-mind, life was passing me by! So, my first act of breaking from my comfort-zone?! Parasailing back in 2010.

For many, it sounds like no big deal, but for a young woman that feared water and heights, it was a big deal! Now, I am constantly trying new things and open to learning about life outside of my comfort zone and decided to share my experiences whether it’s visiting something new, my natural hair journey, or sharing words of wisdom based off what I am currently going through or have previously gone through. Writing is therapy for me…that and shopping. 🙂

I’ve blogged on and off for the past couple of years and moved over to WordPress earlier this year. I’d love to connect with you and for you to leave comments! Enjoy!

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