Skeletons from my Facebook Closet

Thanks to  having been on Facebook since 2005 when it first became popular around college campuses, I have the misfortune of having record of the person I was in my early 20’s.  Okay, I shouldn’t say “misfortune”.  I enjoyed my 20s and it was an awesome decade.  I learned so many things that I have applied now in my early 30s, but still…..some of the things that I thought were cool were um..interesting.

Please look at Exhibit A from my timehop from 11/23.  By the way, I have considered deleting this app that brings up the skeletons of my younger Facebook closet lol!

I can for sure that I did not speak that way in regular, every day conversation.  Who was I trying to impress?  What in the world?  Was I trying to be cool?

You ever look back on your younger self and want to slap her/him?  Lol!  I do…sometimes.  I say “sometimes” because I recognize that we all go through phases and grow, so younger me gets a slight pass….only slight.

There are pics where my eyebrows were WAY too short, where I was wearing questionable clothing, and clearly trying too hard.

Times where I look at pics and say to myself, “WHY did you get that weave?!”  Times where I was posting like 10 selfies a day on Facebook (before “selfie” had an official name lol”).

In other posts, I was totally using  Facebook like a diary and longing to move up from the place I was at in that moment.

In essence, I was one of those people hat I currently side-eye on Facebook lol!

But you know what I realized?  Though I’ve felt like I am not where I want to be in life and feel behind,  I look back and I am reminded of how far I’ve come.  In my old posts, I was yearning for a change and looking to attain a specific goal and I have long obtained many of those goals and changes.

I can tell that I have come far in the past 10 years and even in the past years.

So, as embarrassing some of my Facebook activity may be, it is a great reflection of the growth, roller-coasters, successes, and learning experiences that I have been through and for that I will give it appreciation.

(I’ll still be deleting this TimeHop app eventually lol! )



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