“Remember Who You Are”

The Lion King was one of my favorite movies as a child.   As I got older, I realized just how meaningful many of the scenes were and how much I could relate.

The one that stick out the most is when Mufasa emerges from the clouds to Simba and says, “Remember who you are”.

I can relate to that.  At times, I have moments where I forget my goals and ambitions.  Many times, it’s easy to get so caught up in what has yet to happen that you focus more on the present instead of where you’re trying to go.

For a little while, I’ve been stuck in a rut of coming home, cooking, and just sitting on the couch for the rest of the evening except for my recent change of now working out again after work.  In the past, I was never the type to just come home and sit on the couch.  I’m not depressed more like unmotivated in much part due to what I have yet to achieve.  I’ve been trying for several months to move on to bigger and better things and yet somehow, I am still in the same spot I have been.

Thank goodness, I have my husband/accountability partner who gives me that extra push to get back on track to my goals and remind me why I am taking certain steps, why I chose the paths that I chose.

Remember who you are.  

To get out of my rut, I am trying to remember those goals and ambitions that I have set out to do so long ago: career goals, humanitarian goals, health goals.  I am volunteering for a non-profit starting in 3 weeks and also looking into another organization.  Way back in the day, I actually had a love for weight training and so I have incorporated that back into my workouts.  For my career, I am taking on new and exciting challenges.

If you’re feeling the way I have, remember the wonderful traits about yourself that have brought you this far.  Remember your purpose and the things you love.  Remember what makes you happy.

Don’t lose track of that.


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