What I Would Say To My Future Children

Sometimes I think about what I want to tell my future children.   The world is ever-changing and sometimes I feel like I am so far behind on what is considered “modern”.   But there are a few principles that I feel will and should always ring true:

  • Stay true to yourself.
  • You have a lot to offer.  Don’t latch on to every human being that walks and breathes and gives you attention.  Seek respect first.
  • Don’t use and abuse people.  Make your own money and respect your fellow human being.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  • Travel, travel, and travel some more.
  • Make it a point to learn different cultures.  It helps you see that your way isn’t the only way.  That we are all unique in our own way.
  • Don’t allow the world to cause you to stray from your beliefs and standards.  Furthermore, don’t let the world bully you into changing what you think and believe.
  • Don’t waste time on people who are not on your level.
  • Stay in tune with your intuition and don’t ignore gut feelings.
  • Don’t waste your life away sitting on the couch.  Workout, volunteer, find a hobby, but don’t just sit.  Be productive.
  • Pray.  It keeps you centered.
  • Don’t just set goals.  Create an action plan for these goals.
  • Stop worrying.

And above all else, be smart and safe with your decisions, but have fun.  You only have one life to live.  You will never be perfect and you will make mistakes.  The key to all is to always learn from those mistakes and keep growing.


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