What is your definition of a role model?

The term “role model” seems to have a million different definitions and faces.

I read a lot of celebrity gossip.    It is a true guilty pleasure of mine.  Always has been.  I probably read so much that I can pretty much tell you who the credible sources are and who are not.

I see a lot of comments from readers under these celeb news sites saying how this person’s a role model and this person isn’t.

Typically, those considered NOT role models are Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus to name a couple.

To me, it’s hard to determine what a good role model is because so many people have different ideas of what being a role model entails.  Kim Kardashian flaunts her body, takes nude selfies, and pretty much has become famous for a leaked sex tape and what she shows off to the world.  Miley Cyrus is a vulgar party girl.   Some people may consider these people role models for being so free and uninhibited.  Some may say they are not because of their image.

A role model to me is someone that fits the prototype of what you may perceive as a positive influence.

These days, young women and men definitely need someone to look to.  Maybe not necessarily a celebrity, but someone.

So, I wonder.  What is YOUR definition of a role model?


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