Introducing Your Child to Your Significant Other: How Soon Is Too Soon?

So, yesterday, social media was lit up with comments downing R&B singer, Ciara, for having her current boyfriend, football player Russell Wilson, around her son.  Her boyfriend and son were photographed together at a game.  From what I know, Ciara has been with him for about 4 months now.

There were mostly men (celebs, non-celebs) speaking out against her and some with long, passionate, think-pieces about the situation.

I wonder how much of an uproar it would’ve been had the situation been reverse and the child’s father, Future, had the child around a new woman in his life.

The woman had to move on at some point.  Russell Wilson doesn’t seem like a bad guy and we don’t know the full situation, but I understand that you have to be careful when introducing someone to your child.

So, what’s your opinion?  

As a single parent, how soon is too soon to have the person you are dating around your child?  


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