Was It All In Vain?

I experienced a situation where I was there for someone that needed love and guidance.  This person had made a lot of poor decisions.  I served as a confidante, gave advice, and was a go-to person for a very long time.

Recently, I learned that this individual had made a decision that could push them in the sudden, random, complete opposite direction than where they had been going.  A decision that could sway them from their goals and the positive direction they had been going towards.

It’s tough to see someone go through a situation you’ve been through and know how it could turn out.

I was bothered.  The time spent felt as if it had been in extreme vain.  Not because I felt the person should do everything that I suggested, but because the decisions were so unhealthy that it was as if no growth had ever occurred.   It was as if they had gone back to square one.

I thought to myself, “The time I spent, meant nothing”.

Then, someone told me something very profound.  They said,

“Just because someone doesn’t do what you think they should’ve done, doesn’t mean that you did not have some impact on their lives.”

I paused because at that moment that was true.

I can think of many times where I received guidance and advice, but went in a whole other direction.  It didn’t mean that I took nothing from the guidance.  I just happened to make a different decision even if it wasn’t the best one.

Someone may not go down the path that you thought they would or should, but it doesn’t mean that all you did was in vain.


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