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Focusing on the Positive Day 9

Man, oh man is weight loss a daunting task.  Sometimes it seems like the scale is barely moving.

The positive???

It has not stopped me from prancing around in cute summer attire!  🙂   I love me some summer attire, but that’s a whole other subject!

I’ve done okay and have not gone up past my original starting point and have taken huge steps in not buying too much of the salty snacks that make me bloat up like a balloon.  Don’t get me started on Lay’s Kettle Chips…Mesquite BBQ flavor…OMG.   Pop Chips have now taken their place.

It also helps to have a husband that is okay with reducing fatty meats and that is fine with different variations of chicken and fish dishes and some ground turkey meals in there as well.

I stay pretty motivated for the most part due to a good support system AND I try to change up where I run/walk (there was a time where I had extreme disdain for running) during the week and constantly update my workout music playlist.

I have also been looking into taking different types of fitness classes to keep myself motivated.  I was a spin junkie for the longest time and lost 10 lbs doing so!   I’ve also had a trainer in a past life (okay like 5 years ago lol), so I know what to do, just need to do it. I will definitely go back to spin, but saw some belly dancing classes which could be an option as well. 🙂

Earlier I mentioned changing up my music playlist.  If you want a song that will keep you energized, you must download BOB by Outkast.  Oldie, but goodie.  Have a good one!



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