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Focusing on the Positive: Day 7

Vacation, all I ever wanted!  Vacation something, something, something (don’t remember the words).

Don’t know that song or remember it?  Well, here ya go! #80sBaby

Rough week man!  Rough week!  But, I am focusing on positivity!

I am going on vacation very soon.  I view it as my light at the end of the tunnel for these rough weeks!

There was a point in my life where I never went anywhere and now I’m always going somewhere.   Money and fear was a factor, but now?  Ya can’t keep me in the city too long.  Vacation is necessary for piece of mind and if you can’t afford some big trip, a staycation works where you are just doing what the heck you want around your house or city.

It’s wonderful and therapeutic even if I am just going 2 hours away! (If you haven’t noticed, I am big on therapeutic measures.  🙂 )

I look forward to being away and just being young and wild and free.

Please pray for safe travels!


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