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Focusing on the Positive: Day 4

I’m posting late in the day!  Sleep took over me.  Hope you all had a good day.  Today, I was asked why I was so happy and I had no idea.   I had irritations today at that point but I guess still looked happy.   Maybe focusing on the positive is helping me smile. 😊

Today, I am focusing on family.

I am the oldest of two children and grew up with my parents married who are actually still together (37 years).

I remember thinking that everyone had  a two-parent home until I realized I was wrong after noticing differences in the homes of family members and school friends.  I knew about divorce, but in my adolescent mind thought people easily got remarried and didn’t know there was such a thing as fathers jumping ship and leaving the mother alone and vice versa.

I feel blessed to have had both my parents.  Does it make me a better person than anyone else?  No.  But, I am happy for it.

I enjoyed my childhood.  My brother and I are very close.  My mother has always demanded we be that way because her mother always pushed that on her and her siblings who are very close.  It is wonderful to see that example as an example.   My father’s family is close as well and have even come to the reunions of my mom’s family and vice versa. He has about 12 siblings and there is a lot of love.

My family is not perfect at all,  but in a world where people have no family, I am grateful for what I have.


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