Focusing on the Positive: Day 3

Day 3 is here!  It was a rough day, but I will stay positive because being negative will do nothing!

Focusing on the positive….

My first car was a 1993 Toyota Camry.  She was maroon and 8 years old by the time I received it.   That car got me around, but it had it’s issues.   Sometimes, the driver’s door wouldn’t open and the windows would jam.   There were literally days where you’d see me crawling out the front passenger door or the back doors of the car (sometimes the front passenger door would jam too).  🙂

I drove that car for a couple of years before it went kaput and then upgraded to my dad’s black 1998 Jeep Cherokee.   That vehicle held a special place in my heart because my dad loved it so much, but gave it to me because I needed it.   It burned gas like crazy, but I loved it.   There weren’t many models on the road like it anymore at that point.  It had a tape player and a CD player and I could rev it up and just drive.   It was a few years old by the time I got it of course.

As it got older, the A/C went out.  It got fixed and then it would go out again.  I had many days where I was riding without air conditioning in the hot Southern heat.   I would drive 45 miles to school while I was getting my Masters’ and would literally be driving in straight up heat and in traffic, of course there wasn’t much air blowing.   Towards the end, it had other mechanical issues as well and I spent a lot of time on the side of the road as well.

But you know what?  I had transportation.   Though I spent a lot of times at mechanics and having to get rides here and there, I still had transportation.

In 2011, I upgraded to my current vehicle, a 2009 Honda Accord.   This was the first vehicle I purchased on my own and the newest car I’d ever had of my own.

I think back to the past vehicles I’ve had and adored them, but this one is something special.  This one symbolizes what can come after struggles and what you can obtain after hard work.

I am so blessed to have transportation because there were many moments I did not have it.  But, I am also blessed to have gone through those experiences because I appreciate what I have so much more.  That and obtained some awesome survival skills on the road as well!  🙂


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