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Fights and Videotapes

Way back in my college days, not a week went by that I did not watch the “Bad Girls’ Club”.  I watched from season 1 up until 5.  I LOVED that show.  Drama, craziness, and all.  But, one day, it got old.  The show was always showcasing “Bad Girls” of course, but year by year you could tell that the girls were acting extra wild and crazy for camera time and because someone told them that being a bad a** was whooping everyone’s a**.  It was uncomfortable to watch.  It  was toxic watching girls fight and try to bring each other down on a weekly basis. There was nothing attractive about women threatening to whoop somebody’s youknowwhat everything other scene.

Anger issues, much?  Lack of control, much?  What would you seriously gain from this in the future?  “Oh look at me.  I whooped this girl on TV.”

Um, okay.  Good for you…I guess.

Now, you see fight videos galore where people are making this a hobby and posting it on sites like World Star Hip Hop and Vine.  Why?  What’s cute about that?  I have yet to figure that out.

Oh, and don’t get me started on those that purposely post videos of themselves in compromising, sexual situations.   Do you think this brings any value to you as a person?  Yes?  Okay, well carry on.

It’s the attention you crave.   Sadly, many are looking for validation.   Many want to feel accepted, cool, and loved.   When you’re wild and out of control, you attract an audience.  Too bad that this is the wrong type of attention to attract.

Sadly, shows like “Real Housewives of Atlanta” which are marketed as seemingly more classy feature older, mature women than the “Bad Girls’ Club”, but exhibit the same behavior and new shows pop up daily it seems with the same concepts.

Some people have made careers out of this and others, well they’ve gone to jail or hopefully, therapy.

So tell me this, when all of the attention is over, what will you have gained?

I’m waiting ….


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