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No-Touch-Zone! Oh, and a Tropical Spice Half Wig Review!

So, I was measuring my new growth and realized that I am actually at 4.5 inches now.  Woop Woop!   Hip hip hooray!


It’s the small victories in life you have to celebrate.  🙂

As we speak, I am watching the reunion show for my guilty pleasure “Shahs of Sunset”.  Actually, I don’t feel guilty.  I LOVE this show lol.

One of the things I have a habit of doing while I’m relaxing on the couch and watching TV is playing with my hair (and yes I was doing that as I was typing this)!  I know this can cause breakage and all that jazz, so I’m making a conscious effort not to touch.

I have my hair in twists and am trying desperately not to touch.    I wear a wig throughout the day, but when it comes off, my hands are all up in my hair.

So, I’m on a no-touch challenge.  We will see how this goes.  It is a BIG habit of mine.   Wish me luck.  I hear it takes 21 days to break a habit, so wish me luck lol!

Anyway, I wanted to show you my current wig.  It’s called Tropical Spice by Model Model.  Now to be honest, she looked completely different on other websites AND even in the store than what they actually gave me in the package….I felt like I was looking like Rick James b****!  And…that wasn’t cool.   So, I had to alter her a bit.

The first pic is what she looked like the first 2 days I had her.  You can’t tell, but the curls were very stringy at first and didn’t look realistic.  Even made a ruffle paper noise when you touched it.  I was very disappointed especially since I’d seen YouTube videos on this piece and had tried it on in the store.   I know that the hair on display is usually pretty worn out, but even the shape of the wig looked completely off.    It’s almost as if I got a defective product, but ya know hair stores do not like refunds/exchanges and I didn’t feel like going through the argument with the manufacturer.  So what did I do??


That’s right!  I cut it to shape it better!   The pic below, is what she looked like after I cut off 4 inches.  I loved her at that point and had it like this for a week.


The 3rd pic (below) is what she currently looks like.  I cut off 4 extra inches and I LOVE it.   The 2nd pic above looked realistic, but now it looks even more realistic.   Now, as history usually goes for me, I’ll probably wear this another week or two and then go to another wig.  🙂  I can make these babies last for at least a month and honestly even longer.   It’s funny because people think it’s my real hair and that I just cut it, but no it’s not.   When I go back to wearing a longer wig, they will definitely know that’s a wig. 🙂


Anyway, like I said, I have another wig on standby so I’ll be wearing her soon.   I have 3 other ones I’d like to purchase.  Been looking at and have some in my cart ready to go (got some wavy longer ones I’m looking at since I have so many curly ones…except for the one fro-y one I picked out..excited about that!).  Prices are pretty reasonable and shipping is free after $49.   I can buy 3 pieces for a pretty reasonable price, so I’m excited!

I’ll eventually wear my real hair out, but for right now thinking that’s not a good idea to have it out.  I need to keep from playing in my hair all day!  When I wear a ponytail piece, I am all up in the top of my hair and so I just need to stay mostly covered so I won’t be tempted to touch.   Oh the things you have to trick yourself into NOT doing.

Anyway, have a great day!


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