Natural Hair Journey

Wig Review: Piscola by Model Model

Woo, what a week!  Rain, tornadoes, floods galore!  But, guess what?  I’m thanking God I’m still here and taking mental breaks!

Had a long, but productive day.  Worked out, washed and did a protein treatment on my hair, looked for decor for the house and had lunch with husband!  As we speak, I am now relaxing and watching TV on a Saturday night to unwind.  🙂

Some bright spots this week were very superficial!    What was one of the bright spots?  I’m so glad you asked!

This week started wearing my new wig.  Of COURSE, I had to do a hair post.  Can’t go too long without one. 😉

Speaking of hair, I nearly did a praise run around the room when I found out there was a highly recommended stylist that knows how to deal with transitioning and natural hair that is just around the corner and she even has transitioning plans!  Yesss!  I will definitely check her out when I’m ready which may be soon because this hair is a growin’!

This was my wet hair earlier today:

2015-05-31 06.59.57

So, about this wig.  Her name is Piscola by Model Model. I got her at my local beauty supply store, but originally saw it online on and

This is what she looks like on the package:

Model Model Equal Drawstring Fullcap Half Wig PISCOLA

And this is what she looks like on me.  The hair goes about 2 inches past my shoulders.

2015-05-29 19.47.13

2015-06-01 14.16.57

She started out a little shorter and tighter curls.  Through this first week with her, she’s still curly, but has gotten bigger which I love!

What I loved was how realistic it looked.  It is a full wig which I liked because I don’t have to worry about the leave out if I don’t want to, but of course I had to try.  So, the first day I wore it, I didn’t leave hair out, but the rest of the week I left some hair and now have decided to just leave a LITTLE hair out.  In the pics above, there is only a little left out to cover the wig line.

We will see how long she lasts.   I tried her with absolutely no reviews online and have never tried this brand, so I knew i was taking a risk.  I will keep you updated!

Loving it so far!


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