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Proud of Being a Side Chick?


When did it become cool to be the side chick?   Is that all we are worth these days ladies?  One half of a man’s mind, body and soul?  Fighting over a man that probably secretly receives satisfaction out of having women fighting over him?  It’s almost like it’s glorified behavior.    You see it all over social media and TV shows like Love and Hip Hop (now, I get that these shows are staged, but it’s sad that anyone would even allow themselves be portrayed that way).

People are posting pics of themselves with a man that is taken or fighting the main chick (main chicks…let me just say that you need to walk out of this situation as well).    It’s like women see it as a trophy when they are spending time with a man that is taken.   Like they are the “winner”.   Is the struggle so real that you have to allow yourself to be one of many?  You do realize if you are a side chick, that he’s probably got a few more right?

Oh, you’re okay with that?

Okay, well then I’ll leave you be, but don’t expect to find any happiness out of that situation and don’t think that apart of your dignity hasn’t been stripped away.

Also don’t forget, no matter your reasons for being in the situation:

I know that feelings get involved, but the results will be worse if you continue to stay around. Please don’t start talking to me about how the man is wrong.  That is obvious, but you’re wrong too, Boo.    You are completely disrespecting yourself and you are participating in behavior you know isn’t right.

But, do what you do.


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