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What Has Been Liberating For You?

What have you done that has made you feel completely liberated?   Cut your hair?  Skydived?  Told someone off that had it coming?   Wore an itty bitty bikini?

Me, you ask?  Oh, sooo many things, but I will name just a few.

1)   Telling someone how I really and truly felt about them (it definitely wasn’t positive).   I suffer from over-sensitivity to people’s feelings and try so hard not to hurt people’s feelings, but this needed to come out!

2)   Walking around on a public beach in a two-piece bikini.

3)   Zip-lining through the beautiful trees of San Juan, Puerto Rico 1000 feet in the air!  If you have never done it,  you must!

4)   Presenting in front of a large group of peers and higher ups.

5)  Turning 30 two years ago.   That was by the grace of God of course so I won’t take credit for that, but I suddenly felt like this confident, sexy, free woman who just stopped worrying about the small things and it has kept going from there year by year!

6)  Deciding to go on the natural journey.   I used to try so hard to hide my new growth  when it was time to get a relaxer and now 4 inches later and nearly 10 months post-relaxer, I am so proud of it because it’s all me.  The real me and it is beautiful!

Those are just a few things.  There is nothing more freeing than conquering a fear,  trying something you have never done before, updating your look, cutting off a toxic person in your life, pursuing a dream and putting yourself out there!   I could go on and on.

So again, how have you liberated yourself?


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