Do You Remember?

It’s funny how something can bring you all the way back to another time in your life.  Whether it’s a scent, a store, a word, etc, you are immediately brought back in time.

I’ve recently begun working out again.   I used to do spin class 3 times a week and fell off back in the Winter.   To ease my way back in, I’ve been getting on the  elliptical at the gym and watching TV  (makes the time go by fast. 🙂 ).

Every morning at the gym, one of the TVs is usually on TNT and “Charmed” is usually on.   It has become one of the most relaxing moments of my day.  Sounds odd, but “Charmed” reminds me of a simpler time in life.    I can remember many of times watching reruns of this show before work or class when I was a young woman newly out on my own.

I have many moments like this.

I’ve lived all over the city where I currently reside, but nothing makes me all warm and fuzzy inside more than when I travel up to the far northwest side of the city where I used to live.  It reminds me of when my husband and I were first starting out.  We lived in a small, one bedroom 650 sq ft apartment in that area and then moved to a 900 sq ft apartment in the same complex and kept moving on up from there and now we are in our current house.    I sit in awe sometimes of where we started and where we are now.

I could go on and on with this.    Like how the scent of Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea lotion reminds me of my last job.   I wore that scent nearly every single day.   Or how the long running soap (and one of my past faves) “Days of Our Lives” will forever and always remind me of watching it at my Aunt’s house or with my late grandmother.

Or how when I drive to a certain side of the Southeast where I used to live, I’m brought back to when my dad basically single-handedly moved me out of my first apartment in the city because I was sick on the move out day. 🙂  Did I mention it was a sudden and last minute move out which is why it was just him and I?   Well again, mostly him lol.

Sometimes it’s good to reflect on the simpler times in life.   Remembering brings you back and reminds of you of where you came from.  We get so caught up in life, that we rarely make time to reflect.

So sit back and reflect.   What reminds you of another time in your life?


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