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Half Wig Review: La Frisco by Vanessa Express (pics)

So, I’ve hit my 9th month of transitioning my hair to natural and the end of May will mark my 10th month.  Woo hoo!  In this for the long haul.

I had a friend that was on this journey with me that was about 2 months ahead of me and guess what?  She gave up and got a relaxer last week.  It was devastating!  I felt so alone!   Oh well, it’s not for everybody.

Anyway, it’s been interesting, but my “hur” is definitely growing and there is a lot of thickness and poofy-ness going on.  I’ve been trimming my ends, but have yet to do a big chop.  That’s going to be awhile lol.  I ain’t ready!  I don’t know what the big deal is considering I’m wearing wigs, but it’s just the thought.

So, I’ve mentioned many times before my love of wigs and how much I adore them through this transitioning phase.  How awesome is it to try different styles?   I own 6 wigs (a mixture of half wigs and full wigs).

So, let’s talk about my favorite one thus far.

Her (yes I refer to them as if they are humans) name is La Frisco by Vanessa Express.   I’ve had her for about a month now and I think she will actually be one that I buy again.   What I love is that the older it gets, the more natural it looks.  The curls are beautiful and start out out tight.  I’m  not a big fan of unrealistic looking wigs.

I ordered her off Ebay after seeing a couple of reviews on YouTube.   I had some reservations because I wasn’t sure how it would blend with my texture, but to my surprise, it worked perfectly!

I wear her a few different ways, but these are the 3 most common ways:



A lot of people just wear headbands with their half wigs to cover up the wig line.  I’m not a huge headband person, but doesn’t mean I won’t rock one.




 The front of my hair is out and twisted in the front.  I wet my hair, put some coconut oil on it and twisted the front parts of my hair in about 3 small twists on each side of the part and then rolled it with a perm rod and unraveled the next morning.  



Here, I parted my hair in the middle and did one medium twist per side and pinned them back with the half-wig in the mid part of my head.

 I love half wigs because you can blend in a way to make the hair look like your own.  La Frisco is synthetic so of course isn’t meant to last forever.  I have yet to switch to a human hair wig because I keep changing my mind on what I want to rock so the synthetic works because it is cheaper and I am indecisive.  🙂   Interestingly enough, I’ve been able to get last for awhile and keep their curl patterns.   It could be because I don’t sleep in my wigs or that it is just the beauty of synthetic wigs in that I hear they keep their styles longer.

I will update you all on La Frisco’s progress through the month to let you know how she’s holding up.   😉  I also may do some reviews on my other wigs in the future.   I actually got a new one today.  🙂

I am also considering going the lace front route all because of one I saw in the store….ehhh but I’ll let ya know about that.  I hear lace front and get nervous about my hairline looking funny.

Anyway, are you a wig lover?  What’s your favorite?


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