30 Day Ab Challenge

Welp, it’s about that time for me to get back to keeping myself fine and well ya know, making sure my insides are healthy.   I have lost a lot of motivation to workout, but I need to get back on it.  I once was working out 3 times a week in spin class and then it fell to twice a week and then I started doing my own thing and now I am doing nothing.  😛

I’ve gotten a little thick in the hips over the Winter months as I do every year.  I like a little thickness, but I don’t like high blood pressure or high cholesterol.   That wasn’t shade to thickness. It’s in reference to an inside situation that maybe I’ll share on here one day… *sigh*.   Long story.

Anyway, I’ve recruited myself a workout partner and also am forcing myself back into the gym.  I don’t pay for that membership for nothing, so I need to remember that!

I know that my 45 minutes on the elliptical is cool, but I need more than that and I know I will lose motivation or get bored so I went online and found the 30-Day Ab Challenge.    I’ve done the squat challenge before…I lasted until day 10.  😦    So, I’m determined to make it through this challenge.

What better time to try than when I’m in prep mode for bikini wear?   Side note:  Have I mentioned how much I love high-waisted bikinis?  Sooo cute….

Anyway, so I started yesterday and have already completed my day 2 ab workout this morning.

I think you should try it.  Are you down to go on this path with me?  I’m looking up other challenges as well, so I’ll keep you up to date.

Let’s do it!  And if you don’t do a challenge, then do SOMETHING.  Take a walk around the neighborhood or do some jumping jacks in your living.  Hey, maybe run up and down your stairs.

Either way, let’s make it happen and motivate each other.  I know I need the encouragement!


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