Too Private?

I’ve always been a private person.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gradually become more open.   I lacked a lot of trust of people for a long time I think because of situations that occurred in past friendships.    It’s okay to keep things to yourself, but sometimes I think someone can be too guarded.  I think it’s healthy to talk and relate to people or to confide.

It’s very awkward to be telling a friend about your life, but then they choose not to say anything about their life… ever.  You almost don’t want to share anything with that person.  Why am I spilling my guts while you sit here and not say a thing?  It feels like a violation of some sort.

Please note that I said friend meaning someone that you should be able to share certain things with.

Ever shared something with someone and find out a few months later that they had actually dealt with the same situation, but never mentioned for whatever reason?

The friendship feels inequitable and makes you feel as if that person doesn’t trust you.

Now, don’t start sending me hate mail and saying that people are entitled to their privacy lol.  As previously stated, I clearly get that because I value my privacy.  I am also a strong advocate of folks staying out of other people’s business and not prying.

I’m also not saying that I need to hear every detail of someone’s life or need to know about their relationship/marital business.  Nope.   I keep a lot of my business to myself.

Many people are very private and guarded.   Being that I am half-introvert, I totally get this.

It’s totally okay to have privacy and everyone has a secret, but I do sometimes wonder about those people where you know NOTHING about their lives and they have a million secrets that they don’t want to ever share.

But hey, maybe that’s just me.


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