Let the Music Play!

I looveee Music.  Love it.  I can listen to all types of music any day and any time.   It calms me down and keeps me in a good mood.  It is another great therapeutic option.  😉

My music taste is all over the place.  Always has been.  I can go from the most ratchet to the most conservative.   I constantly have a song in my head and have been known to break randomly out in song on numerous occasions….sometimes more than once in an hour and a different song each time. 🙂 .   You may also catch me jamming hard in my car driving home from work lol (I gotta remember that people can see me).

Current favorite songs on my playlist (or plural because I have like 6 of them):

“Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran

“Do Me Baby”  – Prince

“All Is Fair In Love” – Stevie Wonder (thanks to last week’s Scandal episode.  😉 )

“Win” – Jarrell Perry

“No Type” – Rae Sremmurd

“All day” –  Kanye West

“Rather Be” – Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne

“7/11” – Beyonce

See?  All types of random.  I have about 30 songs each on all of my playlists and my iPod has about 1000 songs on it.  I think I’d be an awesome DJ lol.

Anyway, what are you currently listening to?


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