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Doing What You Love

What hobbies do you partake in that keep you at peace?   I’ve read many times that hobbies help with stress relief and Lord knows in this day and age, stress relief is vital.     It’s so easy to just go to work (or school or both), go home, eat, go to sleep, and repeat it all over again everyday of the week and get stuck in a rut.

Being in that type of routine does nothing for me, so I’m focusing these days on things that keep me in a state of serenity.   It’s funny how you have to remind yourself to live a little, have fun, and do things that don’t involve your daily routine of working, eating, and sleeping.

Here are things that have kept me at peace:

1) Taking a stroll around the neighborhood on a sunny day.

2) Trying new recipes on Pinterest.  I’ve been on a roll with this for the past month.  I’ll blog about my fave recipes to date!

3)  Trying new hair styles and fashions….looking good definitely makes me happy.  😉

4) Working out while listening to good music

5)  Meeting new and cool people.

Things I’d like to do:

1) Get back into the small groups for Bible Study.   It was always awesome to have that sense of togetherness and family within those groups.

2)  Since I am currently obsessed with hair, I have been watching YouTube videos about wig-making. Sounds therapeutic so stay tuned for that!  I’ve convinced myself that I can do it, soooo here goes nothing lol!

Also, I foresee some other interesting things and changes that will happen in the near future that will keep me peaceful.  I’ll keep ya updated on that.

Anyway, what about you?  What hobbies make you happy?


4 thoughts on “Doing What You Love

  1. Yes!! Tis the season for cheap therapy 🙂

    I love to sew! I’ve been sewing up a storm…. I also like to do nothing! Just veg on the couch w my blanket and a good movie, works well for me.

    Re: wig making videos, check out Ahykonikdiva on YouTube. She has some videos on how to do crochet wigs.

    I can’t wait to see what you make!

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  2. Lol at “cheap therapy”! Yes! 🙂 Vegging on the couch with a blanket is the best thing in life!! Ahykonikdiva is actually the first to spark my interest about wig making when she posted a pic. I’d seen a couple of videos, but didn’t realize she had wig making videos. Checking it out! I’m excited to try something different.


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