Loving Me In Spite of….

I’ve gained about 10 lbs the past few months.  My weight fluctuates constantly.   My thighs rub together so much that I’m sure they could cause a small fire.  My ankles swell sometimes at the end of the day causing cankles.  Sometimes my belly bulges.  I have a few dark spots on my skin.  I sometimes break out like a 13-year-old.   My eyebrows are currently bushy and since I’m transitioning, my natural hair is in constant conflict with my relaxed hair.

Sometimes I get angry easily.  Sometimes I giggle unnecessarily.   Sometimes I can’t make up my mind.  Sometimes I am an anti-social hermit.   I’m moody.   Sometimes I’m meek and mild.  Sometimes I’m loud and overly feisty.   Sometimes I’m hard to please, hard to read, and easily bored.

I don’t go to church as often as I should.   Sometimes I forget to pray instead of worrying.

I am perfectly, imperfect.

But guess what?  I love me in spite of me.

I am intelligent. I am personable. I am humorous. I am friendly.  I am witty.  I am sarcastic.  I am loving.  I am curvy.  I am vivacious.  My hair is dark and lovely.

I am seeking self-improvement on a constant basis.

But guess what?  I love me in spite of me.

Imperfections make me who I am and they make you who you are.

While working on improving things in your life, don’t forget to appreciate you and what you currently have and how you currently look.

The fact of the matter is you that you may never 100% be everything you want, but you are wonderful nonetheless.

Never forget that.


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