Natural Hair Journey

7 Months

Yesterday was February 27 which marks 7 months since my last relaxer.  Didn’t think I’d make it this far and here I am.   Definitely not turning back now.  My hair is depending on me lol.

I have about 3-3.5 inches of new growth at the moment and the curls/coils/kinks are making themselves known.   Sometimes I feel like I should apologize to them for suppressing them for so long with the creamy crack.  Amazing how you can have something so naturally beautiful trying to make it’s self known, but you burn it away with chemicals.

My hair and I have had some interesting moments these past 7 months.  Don’t get me started on knots and matting and shrinking ponytails, but we have gotten past that lol.  I’ve learned from the mistakes that caused the knots/matting.

I am thinking that in 5 more months (the one year anniversary) is when I will cut the rest of the relaxed ends off.  I’ve considered doing it sooner because I mean…they are basically dead hair in my opinion.  Dead ends walking!   But, I like having the length for now while I get use to the natural part of my hair.

I must give huge accolades to unrefined Shea Butter (can’t remember the brand).  Oh how I love thee.  You have made my life better.  I could never thank you enough..okay I’m done expressing my love.  🙂

I also want to express my love for wigs.   The words….I just can’t even get them out right now lol.   You have helped me out through some challenging times.

Though I’ve been wearing wigs and hairpieces, I am really starting to miss hairstyles with my own hair, so I’m going to start doing twist outs…ehh but give me another month or two hehe.

Anyway, here’s to something new!


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