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My Hair Type Is…..?

So, I have been obsessed lately with trying to figure out my hair type.  At first, I thought it was silly to talk about hair typing until I realized that knowing your hair type helps you care for it better.

I’ve been all over and I think I have like 2 types of hair in my head.  Some parts of my hair look like 4A (Coily, Springy) which is what is pictured above and some of it looks like 3C (curly coily).  Honestly, I can barely tell the difference in the descriptions, so I figured I’d just try to use hair regimens for that hair type.  I won’t be able to truly tell until I’m sure until I cut the rest of these relaxed ends, but I’m working with what I can until I do that lol.  For all I know, I probably have incorrectly categorized.

So okay, these are the products I am using:

1)  I use SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque except I use it before I shampoo due to a recommendation I read online (okay as a pre-poo, but I hate that word. 🙂 2) Wash with Creme of Nature Sulfate-Free Shampoo.  3) Deep condition with Silk Elements Conditioner.  4) Then put  Vitamin E Oil and Shea Butter on my wet hair.

Also, I have a spray bottle with Vitamin E and Castor Oil mixed in with water that I use daily right now.  I am so not a fan of Castor Oil whatsoever, but I know it helps with growth and elasticity so I put very little in.  As far as the Vitamin E…well it just makes my hair feel good.  After I spray, I seal with shea butter.

Seems to be working out except I will be trying different mixtures.  I have coconut oil and olive oil that I will be adding as well.

I’m not a hair guru, but this is what’s worked for me.

Feel free to leave any tips!


6 thoughts on “My Hair Type Is…..?

    1. My cousin told me the same thing, so basically I’m just trying to care for the natural part the best way I can with what I can see. I also heard that it may change over time as well so should be interesting lol.


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