Mental Detox

Just got back from a 6-day cruise celebrating my birthday and I feel amazing!  No cell phones, no internet, just me, my husband, in-laws, and open water.  The water is so soothing, so therapeutic.

We toured the Mayan Ruins, snorkeled, played on the beach, and toured White and Gold cities and got to see an ancient church and RELAXED.

This was our first cruise so we’ve been missing out.   Several people we met had been on multiple cruises. It’s like you’re in a whole other world.   We cruised on the Carnival Freedom.  It was their first time sailing out of Galveston.  It was a beautiful ship with excellent customer service from the housekeepers to the waiters.  Oh and the food was amazing.

There is nothing like taking vacation time to re-acquaint with yourself and the ones you love.  It was like a mental detox.   I even read a full 300+ page book in the 6 days.  I’m normally so anxious and busy that this has not happened in a long time.  There were times where I just laid around and did absolutely nothing.

It is a must.  Sometimes life gets so hectic and cluttered that you just completely lose yourself in the chaos.  My mind feels so clear and I feel like I’m back to me and ready to focus on my goals!


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