Natural Hair Journey

Fake Hair = Insecurities?

Wigs..half wigs, full wigs..wigs, wigs, wigs!

My favorites?  Curly and kinky.  They look more natural and in the phase where I am trying to transition to a fully natural diva, it is fun to have a different look.

However, it’s funny the perception we have placed upon those that wear wigs and weave.   Some people believe that a person wearing a wig or a weave is bald or doesn’t love their natural look.

Let’s call that false.  A lot of people have hair, but are giving their real hair a break or maybe just need something quick and easy because of their situation.  I can see where a busy mother or someone that works crazy hours would not want to deal with their real hair.   Or someone like me that obsessively touches their hair would need something to keep her from damage while she is trying to grow it out.

Stop making assumptions.   Don’t assume.  So many people I know have a head full of hair (myself), but wear weaves/wigs as protective styles.

I remember a man telling me once “I love that you are rocking your real hair.  So many women are wearing wigs/weaves and not being themselves”.

I found that interesting because how do you know they aren’t being themselves?


Not everyone hates themselves.  It’s just fun to change up your look a little bit.

Hey, you should try it.


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