Eeek! Cute Swimsuit Alert!

So…. I was randomly looking online for swimsuits.   Okay it wasn’t random.  I’m going on a cruise and need a new swimsuit!  Okay, I don’t really NEED one, I just wanted one.  I have like 3 already. 🙂

Anyway Ladies, looking for swimsuits for many of us can be an emotional process.  I lose weight, then gain it back.  Lose weight, then gain it back.  I never seem to be at my smaller weight when it’s time to wear a bathing suit. and therefore, start looking for cover ups.  On my honeymoon, I’d lost weight, but the belly still needed some work.  I ended up just saying ehhh whatever and just walking around the beach in a two piece with no cover up.  We were in Puerto one knew us.  Lol.  ANYWAY, this time around, I thought there maybe I could find a more comfortable solution since we will be on the ship with people we know lol!   So, I got the idea in my head that I wanted a bikini with high waist bottoms.  They’re so vintage and cute and awesome!

I went on to Amazon and what did I find??  A lonngggg list of them from different vendors.   I was totally in awe.   It is the perfect item to cover your tummy, but to also have some type of sensuality.  I just ordered one so that I could see how it fits.  If I like the fit, then I will order different colors and maybe one with a different type of top.

I posted a picture to this post.  It will be here tomorrow.  I will NOT be posting pictures of me in the swimsuit lol, but I will keep you all updated on the fit.


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