From Older Women to Younger Women: We Get It.

As I get older, it’s intriguing to look at today’s younger woman.  I’m sure women older than I am think the same.  We go through so many phases as women and deal with so many different issues we go through this thing called “life”.

One thing that I encourage all of us women to do is to not be so quick to judge a younger woman when they have made a mistake.  We all have made many mistakes such as dealing with men we had no business dealing with, going back to someone that mistreated us, partying instead of taking care of business, and etc. Heck, many still make these mistakes as they get older and will continue to make the same mistakes.

Spit some knowledge, but remember that not too long ago you were in the shoes of a younger woman.  Heck, you could’ve been in their shoes just a few months ago.  There are many 20 year olds that were a lot smarter than I was at that age and could probably spit some knowledge to me in life.   You never know what someone’s been through.

I believe that one of the biggest things we can do for each other as women is to impart wisdom to help each other.  Will we always listen to each other?  No.  Will we still make mistakes?  Yes.   But we need to learn to be each other’s support system.

I personally love talking to older women, including my mother.  They will tell it like it is.  The things that you feel that only you are going through or that no one else has been through, believe me, they have been through.  The advice they can give is priceless.  Just because they grew up in a different era doesn’t mean that they could not possibly understand what you are going through.  Times change, but it’s the same old thing, just a different day and age.

Instead of just telling someone how wrong they are, preface it with, “Girl, I totally understand” then give them your peace.  Let them know that you have been in their shoes, what consequences you faced, and if they decide to continue making the same mistake, be there if they need a shoulder to cry on.


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