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Battle of the Heathens

Like that title? Lol!

I love God.  He is my Savior.   And oh, how I love my fellow Christians, but man are we a judgmental crowd.

The scenario: Cohabitation before marriage **insert scandalous music**

So, it happens a lot in this day and age.  People move in with their significant others before marriage.  But, let’s talk specifically about doing this when you are a Christian .

And oh, let’s dig deeper and discuss the Christian friends looking down on a fellow Christian friend’s unmarried co-habitation.

No, co-habitation before marriage is not the Christian way to go, but some Christian friends are having pre-marital sex and engaging in other types of sinful behavior while openly and constantly condemning their friend that is co-habitating.

So, what makes them any better than the friend that is living with her boyfriend?

Why is this friend being looked at as a heathen by even guy friends who call themselves Christians, but spend their days dipping in and out of woman after woman?  Why does this friend have people quoting Scripture and statistics to them as if she is some whore on the street just because she lives with her boyfriend?   Meanwhile, the individuals condemning her are still living a life of sin and taking notches off of their liver with alcohol and debauchery.

Let’s think about this: how is premarital sex with a boyfriend that you spend the night with any better than premarital sex with a boyfriend that you full on live with?  You were staying with your Boo for days at a time.  You’re still committing a sin.  Do you think that statistics you are quoting do not apply to you just because you spread your legs and then go back to your apartment, but this other person spreads their legs and lives with their boyfriend?

I’m confused.  What makes that any better?

Now, I’m not saying that blatantly committing a sin on a daily basis is okay, but acknowledge that we are human and make mistakes.  We must ask God for forgiveness for our transgressions and try to do better.  You may not agree with the things that your fellow Christian friends do, but we look ridiculous and hypocritical when we condone similar behaviors and condemn others.

Why do we as Christians appear accepting of some common sinful behaviors (sex, gossip and  slander, and other debauchery) , but not others? Think about that.I could go on and on and on about different scenarios.

My advice: make sure you check yourself first before you tell your co-habitating friend that she is a heathen.The End.


3 thoughts on “Battle of the Heathens

  1. Why are people so judgmental? Your relationship with God, is between you and God…. I think it’s convenient for people to throw out scriptures because it keeps the ficus off of them and subconsciously excuses their own behavior.

    Their judgements are self fulfilling.

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  2. Soo very true. I believe they suffer from their own inner guilt about their transgressions and that it makes them feel better about themselves to deem their sin as less severe when it really isn’t. Such a hot mess. The hypocrisy is extreme. Dealt with that a lot.


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