Natural Hair Journey

A Journey…

I’ve begun the natural hair journey though I feel that the word journey may sound  a bit dramatic.  Let’s just say I decided to say no to relaxers for probably forever.  It’s been about 6 months since I last got a relaxer.  I’m inching my way along and we’ll see what happens.  I’ve actually become pretty obsessed with seeing the new growth coming from my scalp.  It’s got me all kinds of curious.  It’s almost like this huge experiment that only an elite group of people can experience.

On this journey (or whatever you want to call it), I’ve began to experience new things.  No, not just a different type of texture, but trying new looks.  I’ve never been a big weave person or braids, but back in October I got some Senegalese twists and I loved them.  They were so elegant and so easy to manage and to do different styles with.  Made me feel regal and at one with my culture. 🙂   It was nice to do something different with my hair.  Other than my wedding, my hair off and on through the years has pretty much looked the same.   I’m a pretty simple gal, but i figure, why not take the time now to do something different with my hair.

The twists have since been removed from my head and I am now currently in to hair pieces! of all people lol.  Right now, I’m obsessing over curly and kinky wigs.   They look so authentic and make you feel powerful.    I wore a wavy, kinky ponytail for about a month and  now am rocking a curly wig…yesterday I brushed it out to make it look more kinky.

I think I could probably try on wigs every day and not get tired.  As we speak, I’m considering going to the beauty supply store.  I may post pictures one day…or not, but I’ll keep you updated on the different styles I try.


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